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160 Players Attend 11th Annual Classic Video Game Tournament

The 11th annual International Classic Video Game Tournament ended on Sunday and all of us would like to thank everyone who attended and made this a very special event. Even with a poor economy 160 players showed up and registered for 4-days of fun which was amazing since last year we had 176 players.


We had two different tournaments running this year; the video game tournament and the manufacturer’s challenge on games from Stern. The games in the video game tourney were: Radical Radial, Pengo, Commando, Space Invaders Deluxe, Video Pinball, Grand Champion, Red Alert, Cheeky Mouse, Congo Bongo, Bump n’ Jump, Rally-X, Lunar Rescue, Moon War, Crazy Climber and Lock’n Chase. The winner of this event and the $500.00 prize was Jason Cram of West Lebanon, Maine, second place went to Tom Votava of Scottsdale, Arizona $200.00 and third place went to David Nelson of Derry, New Hampshire $100.00.


The games in the Manufacturer’s Challenge were all from Stern: Bagman, Pooyan, Astro Invader, Frenzy, The End and Super Cobra. The winner of this event and $200.00 was Donald Hayes of New Hampshire.


As mentioned earlier, we had 160 registered contestants from 24 different states, The United Kingdom, Holland and Canada. Here is the breakdown of where they all came from:

Massachusetts: 27 players

New Hampshire: 25 players

New York: 15 players

New Jersey: 13 players

Rhode Island: 9 players

Canada: 8 players

United Kingdom: 7 players

Connecticut: 6 players

Ohio: 6 players

Virginia: 6 players

Maryland: 5 players

Pennsylvania: 5 players

Texas: 4 players

Florida: 3 players

Indiana: 3 players

California: 2 players

Michigan: 2 players

Maine: 2 players

Tennessee: 2 players

Washington: 2 players

Arizona: 1 player

Illinois: 1 player

Iowa: 1 player

Kentucky: 1 player

North Carolina: 1 player

Minnesota: 1 player

Holland: 1 player


Many people came together to make this tournament a success and their contributions are greatly appreciated. In random order, I would like to thank the following people:


To the Lawton family, thank you for supporting the idea of starting an arcade museum on the 3rd floor of Funspot. Who would have thought 11 years later it would have evolved into the amazing collection we have now.


Jenn Moore, for all of the time you spent with tournament prep, gathering mystery prizes for the raffle and running the registration desk for 4 straight days.


Mike Stulir, for the weeks of vacation you give up to travel here and help us with games and for the amazing work you do to bring the laser games back for another generation of players to enjoy.


Randy Lawton, for all of the time you spent prepping games and the late hours you put in after close each night to keep the tournament going.


Sarah St. John of My Arcade Repair, LLC. for the entire day you donated on Saturday to help keep our games up and running and for the VectorVGA board donation.


Anna Cram, for all the time you spent helping us with joystick, button and dip switch calls that came in throughout the tournament.


Robert Mruczek and Stan Loo for all the time you guys spent honing our spreadsheet to keep track of the massive number of scores we logged over the weekend.


Walter Day of Twin Galaxies for the Funspot XI posters that all the players received.


Billy Mitchell of Rickey’s Hot Sauce for the commemorative bottles of hot sauce you donate each year to the tournament.


Andy O’Neil for loaning us your Space Invaders machine so we would have an extra one for the 30th anniversary Space Invaders tournament.


Mark Spaeth for loaning us your Space Invaders cocktail game as well.


John McGray for the awesome work you did designing the control panel artwork for our Us vs. Them game.


Richard Lint from This Old Game for printing all of our Us vs. Them artwork and donating it to the museum! Also for the Donkey Kong 2 bezel which completes the incredible work you did on this game.


We also had several donations to our raffle which raised over $800 for the museum. Thanks go out to:


Funspot, for donating the 4 upright arcade games, Attax, Klax, Midway Skins Game and Primal Rage.


David Nelson, Twin Galaxies Chief Referee for the Vectrex gaming system.


Dane Tullock of for the Atari 2600 system with cartridges.


Sun Valley Cottages for the gift certificates.


Patrick’s Pub & Eatery for the dinner gift certificates.


On behalf of The American Classic Arcade Museum at Funspot, I want to thank everyone again for a great tournament. We hope you had fun and will visit us again soon.


Warmest Regards,
Gary Vincent



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