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Monkey Trunks High Ropes & Zip Line Park
Opens In Weirs Next To Funspot

Annie & Nathan Walker at the newest Monkey Trunks High Ropes and Zip Line Park which recently opened at the Funspot Family Entertainment Center in Weirs Beach. With over 40 challenges on three levels it provides hours of fun and adventure for the entire family.


After months of extensive design and construction the Lakes Region’s newest family attraction is open for business.


Monkey Trunks High Ropes and Zipline Park saw its grand opening, Saturday, July 2nd on the grounds of The Funspot Family Entertainment Center in the Weirs.

Bob Lawton, owner and general manager of Funspot, the world’s largest arcade, was given the honor of cutting the ribbon for this, the third and largest Monkey Trunks in Northern New England, the other two located in Chocorua, New Hampshire and Saco, Maine.


The sun shone brightly on the start of the Fourth of July weekend as Lawton cut the ribbon. "On behalf of all the people at Funspot including family and long-time employees, I’d like to welcome Monkey Trunks,” said Lawton. “We know it’s a great organization and it will be a real plus to Funspot, the Lakes Region, the State of New Hampshire and the whole Northeast of the United States who will be your customers.”


Lawton was introduced by John Kealey, owner of Monkey Trunks. “We’d like to thank Bob and the Lawton family for all they’ve done to help us get this attraction here in the Weirs,” said Kealey. "Their vision and willingness to let us do this makes for a great partnership and we hope it will be incredibly successful just like Funspot and their great history.”

Bob Lawton, Funspot owner & general manager, cuts the ribbon to open the new course with Monkey Trunks ownder, John Kealey.

The Walker family from New London, NH and the Nagles from the Sunshine Coast of Australia were the first group to attempt the new Monkey Trunks at Funspot in Weirs Beach.

Once the ribbon was cut, it didn’t take long for the first family, who had already arrived before the official grand opening, were harnessed up and ready to tackle the course with its forty-eight challenges, three zip lines and giant swing.


The first visitors on opening day weren’t strangers to Monkey Trunks. “We have done the course in Chocorua and we were anxious to give this one a try,” said Nathan Walker from New London, who tackled the course with his daughter Megan and son-in-law Mick Nagle who were visiting from The Sunshine Coast of Australia along with their children Ronan and Lachlan.


By the time the first hour at the newest Monkey Trunks had passed there were over forty adventurers climbing, swinging and zipping amidst the awesome structure.


Among those early arrivals were the Caron Family from Northfield, NH, whose youngest, Cassie, was the grand prize winner of The Monkey Trunks “Design A Course” contest.

The Smart Relays, or Monkey Paws, are designed so that both cannot be disconnected from the safety lines at the same time.

A member of the Monkey Trunks Safety Squad goes over the proper use of equipment before starting.


Cassie, nine, had read about the contest in a local paper. With only four days until the contest ended, Cassie went to work creating a series of designs and one of them was picked. Called “Cassie’s Leaping Lemurs” it resembles a series of mushroom-looking wooden platforms that each adventurer must carefully make their way across.


"I don’t really know where I got the idea,” said Cassie. "It just kind of carne to me. I had a lot of things in my head.”


Cassie won a day at Monkey Trunks with her farnily and an upcoming class trip as well. “Cassie’s Leaping Lemurs" is noted with a plaque at the site recognizing Cassie’s achievement.

Roman Nagle practices using his harness & Monkey Paws before starting on his Monkey Trunks adventure.

The Monkey Trunks adventure is both exhilarating and fun but it is also designed to be completely safe for all ages. The courses are suitable for anyone over 3 years old, with two King Kong Courses, one for those under four feet tall and one for those taller than four feet, All courses have a maximum weight limit of 2501bs. The Dropzone also has a minimum weight limit of 44lbs.


The Monkey Trunks safety squad will give you a full briefing on the correct usage of your harness and how to maneuver the course, including an introductory video and what to do if you get into a jam.


Most beginners will start at the Discovery Course as it helps you to gain some confidence for the higher level course. In all courses, you are always attached to a safety line and you can’t fall.


In fact, Monkey Trunks utilizes Smart Belays which allows participants on the Discovery Course to make transfers and choose their own route making sure they cannot accidentally
unclip themselves from the system.

Monkey Trunks High Ropes & Zip Line Park has three levels with over 40 challenges.

There is also The Expoglide on the lower course level, a continuous safety system allowing participants to move around without unclipping themselves Everyone using the course is always attached to a safety system.


The ziplines come at the end of the course, so you have to at least finish a few of the many challenges in order to use them, but that’s all part of the great fun.

A young adventurer casually walks across the balance beam.

Megan & Lachlan Nagle wend their way across the Lily Pads.


The course is designed to hold up to 100 adventurers at once but the Monkey Trunks staff keeps it to a maximum of 80 so the time through the course moves at a nice pace.


Cassie's Leaping Lemurs.

The Monkey Trunks High Rope and Zipline Park is created to let the adventurer accomplish the course on their own, but there is a always a member of the safety squad nearby to make sure everything stays safe. All of the safety squad receive 5 days of training at the start of each season and all are CPR certified. Still, they seem to be having as much fun as the adventurers.

The Monkey Trunks Safety Squad are always on hand for assistance.

Cassie Caron of Northfield with her dad, Glenn. Cassie won the grand prize for designing the "Cassie's Leaping Lemurs" course for the new Monkey Trunks.


“You couldn’t ask for a better job in the summer,” said Brendon, one of the safety guides.


A few of the things heard from the adventurers climbing and swinging above on opening day:

“I just had an interesting adventure on the tires."

“I’m glad you talked me into this."

“Can we do this again before we leave?"

The entire Monkey Trunks adventure takes anywhere from two to two and a half hours. The crowds in those first few hours of the first day of the latest Monkey Trunks at Funspot proved that it is an attraction that is gaining in appeal. More Monkey Trunks are being envisioned for other areas up and down the Northeast. In the meantime, the Lakes Region’s newest attraction looks like it will be a family favorite for years to come.


The newest and largest Monkey Trunks is located at the Funspot Family Entertainment Center on Routte 3 in Weirs Beach.


You can book your Monkey Trunks adventure online at or you can just walk in. The Monkey Trunks staff likes you to know that July and August can get very busy and and if you don’t have a reservation you could be waiting for a while. It is suggested that you wear something suitable for climbing at Monkey Trunks. Flip-flops or crocs are discouraged.


Mick Nagle finishes the Monkey Trunks course with a zip line ride.

Chimps and Monkeys (under 18 years of age) must be accompanied by a responsible adult 18 years of age or over who will be required to sign a disclaimer for anyone under 18. The adult does not have to participate. Chimps under 5 years old must be accompanied by a participant 12 years or older.


For more information on the Funspot Family Entertainment Center visit or call 603-366-4377.



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